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February 26, 2017
Parents Consultation

Theme: “Should 10 Year Olds be given Contraceptives?”




In recent years, there have been rumors from various quarters of a plan to provide contraceptives to our children as young as 10 years. The promoters of this practice claim that this is a way of reducing teenage pregnancies among our children and youth. On February 9, 2017 the Monitor Newspapers carried the headline story about plans to give 10 year olds contraceptives. Upon further investigation we have found out that right now there are organizations that are distributing contraceptives to children with impunity, without the knowledge or consent of parents.


It should be remembered that giving children contraceptives is part of the controversial comprehensive sexuality education [CSE] which caused a national uproar last year. Contraceptives have serious side effects even in adult women therefore how much damage is being done to our innocent children? Further to this, if children begin to access contraceptives at such a young age in the name of preventing pregnancy, isn’t this going to totally destroy the future and lives of our children and in so doing destroy the future of our nation? And, in all this, where is the voice of parent who has the prime responsibility of parenting and guiding children on such important issues of life?


It is these unanswered questions that are behind the planned parents’ consultation.




Family Life Network [FLN] in conjunction with other stakeholders is organizing a parents’ consultation scheduled for Sunday February 26, 2017, 2.00-5.00pm at the Sharing Hall, Nsambya. The theme of the consultation is: “Should 10 Year Olds be given Contraceptives?”




The purpose of the consultation is to: –


  1. To sensitize and inform parents about the use of contraceptives, their side effects and the likely short-term and long term impact of distributing contraceptives to children.
  2. To provide a platform for parents to dialogue and come to a common position on the issue of giving contraceptives to children.
  • To determine what parents will do collectively to make their voice be heard by the relevant authorities on this important matter.




Competent, qualified and experienced Speakers will address this matter from a legal, medical/health, psychological, Government, spiritual, social and parenting perspective.




Organizations, Corporations, Religious Institutions, Government Ministries as well as Schools and Educational Institutions are requested to mobilize their parents, guardians and well-wishers to attend this important consultation.




Entrance will be free but participants we request you to carry a donation to help offset the expenses incurred.




Stephen Langa



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