True Love Waits Program


True Love Waits is one of several approaches to challenging teenagers and college students to make a commitment to abstinence until marriage. It is designed to help young people develop character and right attitudes to build their lives on sound values and proven principles such as moral purity, ethics and integrity, which will enable them to become independent, productive, responsible and successful adults. The program further trains the youth to develop the virtue of self-control and self-government which keeps them safe from the many vices and risky behavior which haunt many youth today.


True love is being faithful, pure, trustworthy and responsible. It means respecting yourself and your body as infinitely valuable gift from God which is to be used for greater purposes in future for that we were created to be and realizing the principle of life that there is the right time for everything. True love means respecting and honoring the lives and bodies of others and choosing to allow them be all that they too were created to be. It also involves making a commitment with God’s help to oneself, the future spouse, loved ones and society to abstain until marriage.

HOW TO choose to WAIT

Service your spirituality and have a growing relationship with your Maker
Keep your thoughts pure by deliberately avoiding evil thoughts or imaginations. The mind is the real battleground and the battle is either won or lost in the mind
Guard your eyes by avoiding pornographic materials or anything else that would lure you into giving away your precious sexuality prematurely
Avoid people and places that will lead you into sexual involvement. Be wise in where you go and what time you go there. Avoid being with a member of the opposite sex in a lonely place or in a locked room
Come up with your own personal rules that will help you abstain and stick to them. And if you sense that your personal rules could be violated or abused, avoid such a situation or get away from it no matter what its implications might be for you personally
If you find yourself in a critical situation where you are about to get involved in sex and you remember the commitment you made, run away from there immediately, even if you don’t explain.
Keep good company. There is a saying that, “Bad company spoils good morals”. So choose your friends wisely. Let them be friends who share the same values as you and who can encourage you to keep the commitments that you have made.


  • Maximum sex for the rest of your life
  • Faithfulness and happiness in marriage
  • Protected from diseases
  • Honour from God, relatives, society etc.
  • No regrets, no worries
  • Happy and confident childrenConfidence and high self-esteem Longer life