Uganda Parenting Network and The Creative Parenting Courses


BACKGROUND Uganda as a nation is going through several challenges ranging from things like the political transition to democracy, the rebellion in the North to effects of globalization and poverty, just to name a few. However a silent but very deadly “virus” has invaded the country and most people are not aware of it. This “virus” is out to destroy families, the youth and the moral base of our society.
After realizing that most problems facing the society mostly stem from homes than external factors, It is therefore in response to the above situation that the UGANDA NATIONAL PARENTS NETWORK (UNPN) was formed on August 15th 2004 as a program of Family Life Network to serve all parents and guardians (married, single parents, widows, widowers) regardless of gender, racial, ethnic, social or religious background.
Since then, FLN rose up to the challenge to do something about this deadly “virus” that has invaded our motherland by running programs and activities aimed at restoring family values and morals in the society. This programme is to ensure that families are stable as a step towards a more stable society through a number of set out guidelines in its objectives.



Restoration of family values and morals in our society

Empowering parents to play the vital role of effectively parenting their children, working towards creating and maintaining an environment suitable for raising children and nurturing strong and stable families in communities nationwide


  • To provide opportunities for parents to dialogue, share experiences and challenges with a view of supporting each other as they undertake the noble task of parenting the next generation.
  • To empower parents to engage in Advocacy since most parents have issues which they wish to be addressed by local authorities, policy makers, Government etc. but have no forum from which to address those issues. UNPN provides a platform from which the parents can speak with one voice on matters that they deem important.
  • To sensitize the communities and the general public about the nurturing of strong, stable families in the communities.
  • To work towards the establishment and maintenance of an environment suitable for the raising of children and nurturing of strong, stable families in the community.
  • To develop and run programmes that equip teachers and educational institutions with the skills required responsibly guiding and caring for the youth placed under their care.


  • Provide parents with parenting skills, so that they can raise their children more effectively.
  • Provide parents with a platform where they can dialogue and support each other on parenting issues and matters of mutual or common interest
  • Empower parents so that they can effectively engage in advocacy on matters affecting families, children, parenting, education, social services etc.






We provide counseling to married couples and those intending to get married; this helps in restoration of broken families, promotion of reconciliation amongst the parents and their children.


This is done through dialogue with parliamentarians, Religious leader and all stake holders in the law making process by sensitizing them about any policies which the parents think are against the family institution.


Parenting today is viewed as a nightmare by many parents and guardians. Some of them appear helpless in the face of the growing challenges posed by the media, changing global moral values, worsening influence on children from schools, the information overload, conflicting messages, declining cultural values, economic hardships etc.
This course equips the participants with appropriate parenting skills and provides guidelines on how to succeed in parenting in the middle of today’s overwhelming challenges. It also provides up to date information on best practices that will not only enhance their parenting practices, but will help them discover who they are, equip them to deal with their “baggage from the past” and make them better all round people in general.